Timberlook – Flush – Casement Windows




Hardwood windows to suit any home, old or new

Kalglass provide an expansive range of window styles and designs to choose from, and we can help you make the right choice for your home,

including stormproof windows, traditional flush windows and sliding sash windows.


Whether standard profiles or a unique bespoke window is required, Kalglass can meet your demands. All our windows are manufactured using traditional methods in tandem with modern technology. The result of this winning combination is a product which is both beautiful and strong.

Stormproof windows

Our top quality stormproof windows are rebated or lipped onto the window frame and incorporate a double weatherseal.

The handles all have multi-point locking systems with modern stainless steel friction hinges.

Stormproof windows can be made in any style and come complete in your chosen stain or paint finish. The effect is stunning and will improve and enhance the appearance of your home.

Flush windows

Flush windows are set into the frame and are flush on the outside. Flush windows usually have a single weatherseal, but Altus Services have developed a new design that has a double weatherseal.

The handles are all multi-point locking with modern stainless steel friction hinges, or alternatively traditional butt hinges with casement stays.

Flush windows can be made in your chosen stain or paint finish to give your home a beautiful appearance.

Sliding sash windows

Vertical sliding sash windows are constructed in the traditional or contemporary style, either using lead weights and pulleys, or spiral balances.

Both are made using modern techniques, but still retain a traditional appearance.

We also have a complete range of traditional and modern ironmongery to suit all tastes and requirements.