Glass Roofs

The K2 Roof System combines a range of technical design features to provide a highly adapative product.

Self-supporting Box Gutter with Internal Brace

To remove the need for gallows brackets, and reduce installation time and cost. 14 different types of box gutter adaptors are available, offering the ability to neatly overcome the most challenging applications. Box gutters are available in 2 widths; 135 & 210mm, to allow for greater flexibility on site. The 210mm wide design can also accommodate two conservatories side by side with a single box gutter.

Eaves Beam Connector

The eaves beam connector is designed to provide a strong structural connection. Able to accommodate any angle, it offers pre-set positions for inline coupling and angles of 90, 135 and 150 degrees.

End Caps

The K2 end cap is highly distinctive, featuring an embossed logo for both the aluminium and PVC-U finishes.

Glass paddle

K2’s unique pivoting glass paddle prevents slippage of glazing into the valley.

Click here to see a Video of K2’s Glass Paddle going together.

Jack rafter

K2’s jack rafter system incorporates a strong, mechanical, fail-safe fixing. The jack rafter undercladding is machined to suit the hip, in order to maximise aesthetics and maintain decorative site lines.

A ball joint connection fully accommodates angular variation between hip and jack rafter and provides total design freedom. The user-friendly design improves both fabrication and installation times. Fewer components = less stockholding and less problems for both fabricators and installers.